‘iPhone 13’ will have a smaller notch according to known leaker

The “iPhone 13” may have a reduced or “shorter” notch according to a leaker, though such rumors have persisted about the iPhone since Apple first introduced the controversial design.

The “iPhone 13” is not due to release until fall 2021, though Apple is well into development of the next iPhone. Leaks from early development happen from time to time, though things could change before the design is finalized.

A Twitter user known as Ice Universe shared a simple tweet suggesting the “iPhone 13” will have a shorter notch. They followed up the tweet with an illustration of what they meant by “shorter.”

Leaks leading up to the “iPhone 12” suggested that the 2020 iPhone could have a smaller notch, but the latest leaks show that not to be the case. Apple does seem interested in shrinking the notch or removing it completely, however, as renowned leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has previously rumored.

Ice Universe says the notch will be shorter, which means it will maintain the same width across the top of the screen, but have less height overall. Such a change would mean more vertical space for user content, though how much actual difference such a small change would make is unclear.

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