iPhone 13 rumors begin – leaker claims it’ll have a notch, but it’ll shrink

What you need to know

  • Apple hasn’t even released iPhone 12 yet, but it’s already old hat.
  • We’re already seeing rumors about iPhone 13.
  • The latest claims the handset will still have a notch, but it’ll be shallower than previous models.

We’re going to have to wait a year to confirm it.

Apple hasn’t yet managed to get iPhone 12 out the door but we’re already turning our attention to what iPhone 13 will look like. According to one anonymous leaker, it’ll at least still have a notch. But panic not, because it’s getting smaller.

As much as we’d all like to see the notch gone, Face ID makes that impossible right now. While Apple works to put Face ID somewhere less conspicuous, leaker @UniverseIce says iPhone 13 will at least get a smaller notch. Or, more accurately, it’ll get shallower.

But wait, that tweet says “shorter”. Thankfully the Ice Universe shared this drawing to get their point across. See? Shallower.

Ice Universe has a reasonable track record, although he’s no Mark Gurman. Keep that in mind when digesting this news.

We are, of course, a year away from seeing iPhone 13. At least, officially. If past experience is anything to go by I would start to expect leaks to really begin flowing once January rolls around. For now, we have a drawing to look at.


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