HomeKit-enabled ONVIS Contact Sensor now available for preorder on Amazon

Latest HomeKit accessory from ONVIS keeps an eye on your doors and windows.

What you need to know

  • A new HomeKit-enabled contact sensor from ONVIS is now available for preorder on Amazon.
  • The ONVIS CT2 Smart Contact Sensor relays door or window events to HomeKit over Bluetooth.
  • CT2 sensor is completely wireless, operating for up to one year on a single coin battery.

Following the release of a HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera back in May of this year, ONVIS appears to have quietly launched another HomeKit security accessory on Amazon. The ONVIS CT2 Smart Contact Sensor is a wire-free accessory that is designed to be installed directly onto door or window frames, and can relay status updates through HomeKit when it is opened or closed.

Onvis contact sensor detection will send instant push notifications to your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, when there’s a state change. It tells you whether the door is open or closed, reminding you not to forget closing the door before leaving your house. 24/7 remote home security monitoring for home, office, garage, warehouse, and more.

The ONVIS CT2 sports a traditional HomeKit door and window sensor design with a two-piece system consisting of a magnet portion and the main sensor housing. The sensor installs directly onto door or window frames using the included mounting tape, and for optimal placement, additional gaskets or spacers can be added to minimize the distance between the two-pieces. The compact sensor runs on a single CR2450 coin battery, that ONVIS states can last up to a full year before needing to be replaced.

The CT2 Smart Contact Sensor connects directly to HomeKit over Bluetooth 5.0 LE, without the need for a dedicated hub or even an account registration. Through HomeKit the sensor can be used to send status notifications when a door or window is opened, and it can be used to trigger other HomeKit accessories through automations. In addition to HomeKit, the sensor works through the ONVIS Home app which grants users access to a log of the last 30 days worth of events.

The ONVIS CT2 Smart Contact Sensor is available for preorders now on Amazon for $19.99. Amazon indicates that the sensor will be in stock starting October 15th.

Open and shut

ONVIS CT2 Smart Contact Sensor

$20 at Amazon

Affordable security

The ONVIS CT2 Smart Contact Sensor keeps an eye on doors and windows by sending a notification or setting an automation into motion through HomeKit whenever they are opened or closed. This sensor uses Bluetooth for direction to HomeKit without the need for an account or dedicated hub.

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