iPhone SE 2 – Everything We Know (and Everything We Want)

The iPhone SE 2 is almost a reality. After years of waiting, it seems like we’ll finally get the more affordable, yet ultra-powerful second-generation iPhone SE 2 next year. Fans of the first iPhone SE and older iPhones are incredibly excited about it. Still, since we don’t know everything about the upcoming device, it’s a good time for us to speculate and make our wishlist of things we want from the newest, miniature iPhone. 

Although, we already “know” a lot about the iPhone SE 2, especially in the spec and design departments. Keep in mind, though; these are just rumors. So take them with a grain of salt. Here’s what we know so far.

Latest iPhone SE 2 Rumors

First, let’s start with the design. A lot of rumors have been pointing out that the iPhone SE 2 will be similar to the iPhone 8. Meaning, we’ll have a 4.7-inch device, so don’t expect an iPhone as compact as the first generation iPhone SE. But by today’s standards, a 4.7-inch display is considered to be pretty small.

The iPhone SE 2 will keep the iPhone 8’s Home button as well as its bezels. With the Touch ID sensor on the front, though, we won’t get Face ID. This makes sense, Apple needs to reduce costs to make a cheaper device. (The notch doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?)

It seems that Apple will continue to use aging LCD displays as well. And, according to a new report, LG will supply Apple with those displays. I would prefer an OLED display, but then again, a lower selling price means cheaper materials.

Speaking of cost, the iPhone SE 2 will supposedly start at $399 and it’s set to launch March, 2020 with 64GB and 128GB storage options.

It’s also reported that it’ll be available in three colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Red.

This is a great price, considering that the iPhone SE 2 will be rocking the A13 chip, just like the iPhone 11, and 3GB of RAM, just like the iPhone X and iPhone XR.

Again, nothing has been confirmed. No one is sure that Apple will even call it the iPhone SE 2. However, these rumors often come from trusted sources. Just something to keep in mind. Now, let’s move on to what we want from the so-called iPhone SE 2.

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