Here are our favorite spooky movies to get you into the Halloween spirit

It’s October, which means it’s the perfect time to catch up on some scary movies in the month leading up to Halloween. Below, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the best spooky and scary movies to watch during the month.

A midsummer night’s death


An American couple finds themselves trapped at an ancient Swedish midsummer festival that descends into a waking nightmare as the truth of the remote community holding it comes to light.

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Doing It again

It Chapter Two

Now grown, the Losers Club returns to Derry, Maine, to fulfill the promise they made in their youths to kill the monster that terrorized them if It ever returned.

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Dance of death


A young dancer, an artistic director, and a psychotherapist all find themselves caught up in mysterious darkness surrounding a renowned dance company.

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A growing obsession


When Ma offers her basement to let some high school kids party, that generosity morphs into a dangerous obsession involving the teens and their families.

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Through the looking glass


A day at the beach turns into a night of horror as a family is forced to confront the dark mirror versions of themselves.

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Dark Superman


This dark tale imagines what would happen if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth only to become a superpowered villain, rather than an inspiring hero.

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Digital horror

Child’s Play

A reimagining of the horror classic, this version sees Chucky come to life as a Buddi doll, an AI-powered smart toy that soon begins terrorizing a mother and her son.

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Sometimes, dead is better

Pet Sematary

After tragedy strikes a family soon after they arrive at their new home in rural Maine, they come across an ancient burial ground, where a dark power soon sets events in motion that will unleash a terrible evil.

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Family business


After the death of its troubled matriarch, a family finds themselves beset by dark and powerful supernatural forces as they uncover secrets about their family history.

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Think before summoning


After a fight, teenaged Leah makes the rash decision to summon a demon to kill her mother. Having a change of heart, Leah does everything in her power to try and stop the demon but worries that she might be too late.

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After school special

Tragedy Girls

High schoolers McKayla and Sadie are two best friends who are obsessed with two things: true crime and raising their social media status. Writing online as the Tragedy Girls, the pair will resort to anything to boost their profile, including, as it turns out, murdering people.

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Bloody revenge


When a doomsday cult kidnaps his girlfriend, logger Red Miller arms himself with a customized battle-ax and sets out on a mission of bloody revenge filled with violence, hallucinations, and violent hallucinations.

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Throwback horror

Summer of 84

In a town plagued by the same serial killer for over a decade, three teenagers band together to figure out who the killer is and stop them once and for all. Unfortunately, their investigation quickly takes a turn for the deadly.

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Stay quiet

A Quiet Place

Following an invasion of the Earth by aliens that can’t see but who hunt by sound, a family struggles to survive and stay quiet where even the smallest sound could mean the death of them all.

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Parental advisory

Mom and Dad

After the broadcast of some mysterious static, parents around the world start trying to murder their kids in this pitch-black suburban horror-comedy.

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Into the (mutated) woods


A team of scientists is sent in to investigate the origin point of a mysterious field that is continually expanding and transforming the area inside its borders, including plants, animals, and disturbingly for the team, people.

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Our favorites

These are all great movies to watch this month for a little bit of a thrill or fright. While some of these films are more in the vein of outright horror than others, they’re all in the spirit (poltergeist?) of the season and are great for getting into the Halloween mood. Midsommar has been the horror favorite of many this year, while Jordan Peele’s Us is another brilliant spin on the genre from the mind behind the instant classic Get Out.

Of course, if you really want something that’ll scare your socks off, Hereditary was considered one of the best horror movies of 2018, particularly among many of us at iMore.

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