Coming to Apple Card: Pay off your next iPhone for 24 months at… -3%?!

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced a new feature, coming to Apple Card.
  • Apple Card users will be able to buy the iPhone and pay it off over 24 months with 0% financing.
  • Yes, with 3% cashback.

During the company’s Q4, 2019 financial results conference call, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced a new feature coming to Apple Card in the future: The ability to buy the iPhone and pay it off over 24 months with zero percent (0%) financing.

Users of the Apple Card will also still get the usual 3% cashback for using the card for the purchase. Which — math! – kinda makes it -3% financing? (Don’t quote me on that… I’m terrible at fractions!)

Cook also called Apple Card the most successful credit card launch in history. Whether you consider that hyperbole or not, Apple Card has been adding cashback options regularly and seems to be off to a very strong start.

At least in the U.S. Still no word on when or if it might become available in other geographies.

So, if you have an Apple Card, will you go for the new financing? If you don’t, is the new financing enough for you to consider it?

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