Apple releasing revised HomePod software update after reports of bricked devices

Earlier this week, Apple released a HomePod 13.2 software update. After installing that update, however, some users reported bricked HomePod units, causing Apple to pull the update. Now, Apple has released HomePod 13.2.1 to the public.

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HomePod software version 13.2.1 is rolling out now via the Home app. The update includes all of the features of the HomePod 13.2 update, but with a fix for the bricking problem.

As we explained at the time:

According to users on Reddit, Twitter, and even here on the 9to5Mac comments section, HomePod simply stopped working after the update process. Some of them are seeing a white spinning light at the top of the speaker, while others are experiencing a red light. In either case, the device was completely unusable, even when trying to restore it to factory settings.

HomePod 13.2 features

The multi-user mode allow the HomePod to recognize up to six different voices in the home, and personalize its responses accordingly. You will be able to access each user’s individual music library and do user-specific tasks through Personal Requests like sending messages or setting todos.

The new music handoff feature makes it easier to switch between the device in your hand and the HomePod speakers. Just bring your phone close to the HomePod and a notification appears on the Lock screen asking if you want to play on HomePod.

With Ambient Sounds, users can play white noise sounds directly on their HomePods, including ocean waves, birdsong, rainstorms, and more.

You can update your HomePod by accessing it through the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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