Tim Cook talks sustainability in Ceres keynote speech


Apple CEO Tim Cook told a New York City audience that Apple sees climate change as an opportunity to “develop new and valuable competencies.”

Tim Cook at Ceres (Photo: @JamesGould21)

Tim Cook at Ceres (Photo: @JamesGould21)

Tim Cook presented the keynote speech at last night’s 30th anniversary gala for Ceres, a nonprofit company which aims to promote sustainable energy for the environment and the economy.

Cook and Apple were being honored by the organization and Cook used his speech to describe how Apple views sustainability.

“We don’t see climate change as risk, but opportunity,” he said. “With our supply chain partners, we see a chance to develop new and valuable competencies… because it is the right thing to do.”

After the event, Cook tweeted his thanks for Ceres and called on all firms to do what they can.

“Companies have a responsibility to use their innovation and agility to lead on the climate crisis,” he wrote. “Thank you to Ceres for their work and for this award —and to Lisa Jackson and the team for driving us all forward.”

Lisa Jackson is Apple’s vice president of environmental, social and policy initiatives, working on the company’s pursuit of responsible manufacturing and operations.

Cook reportedly also described how Jackson and others have implemented plans to achieve 100 percent renewable energy.

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