Serato brings macOS Catalina compatibility updates to DJ Pro and DJ Lite

Image via Serato

Updates are in the works for Serato Sample, Pitch ‘n Time Pro and LE

What you need to know

  • Serato has updated its DJ software to include macOS Catalina compatibility.
  • Serato DJ Pro and Lite now work with the Music app and are fully functional with Catalina following the latest update.
  • macOS Catalina ditched support for XML files, which were previously used by most DJ applications.

Serato has updated DJ Pro and DJ Lite to include macOS Catalina compatibility. As noted by The Verge both the paid and free version of Serato’s software are now fully compatible with the new Music app in Catalina.

With the end of iTunes, Apple took away support for XML files on macOS, much to the annoyance of DJs everywhere, many of whom use software that rely on these files to play music.

The new Serato updates will also allow Music libraries to be automatically loaded in DJ Pro and Lite, so users won’t have to manually export these. Serato has also update Serato Studio for Catalina. However, users will have to wait a while longer for full Catalina support across the Serato software range, according to the report:

However, not all Serato products are in the clear. Serato Sample and Pitch ‘n Time Pro and LE are still not compatible with Catalina, but the company says it’s actively working on updates. Additionally, Serato warns there is still some DJ hardware from partners that doesn’t work with the new OS and the status on that is “out of Serato’s control.”

The new version of both DJ Pro and Lite are available for download now. The support note also includes a list of hardware that is currently support by Catalina when using Serato, as well as devices not yet supported, and hardware currently being tested for compatibility.

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