Apple’s iron-fisted control over the App Store is no longer sustainable

Romain Dillet for TechCrunch:

Last week, Apple caved to the Chinese government and pulled an app called that was being used by Hong Kong protestors to crowdsource the location of police forces.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook defended Apple’s stance, the move is a reminder that Apple is the only judge and jury regarding what’s acceptable in the App Store — but as mobile devices are integrated into more aspects of our lives, it’s getting harder to justify such tight control over their software.

The current state of the App Store is a great example of the risks of running a marketplace that becomes too big. It also shows that we can expect wide-ranging marketplace regulation in the near future.

MacDailyNews Take: Are other closed marketplace for software – video game consoles, we’re looking at you – subject to regulation? Are they forced to “open up,” in effect having a major selling point – security – obliterated through regulatory force?

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