Apple iPhone 11’s Night mode triumphs: Google’s Pixel 4 is no match for the iPhone 11 in low light

Michael Simon for MacWorld:

We tested the improved Night Sight against the iPhone 11’s Night mode to see which camera could snap a better nighttime shot and the results are quite one-sided…

In shot after shot, the iPhone 11 didn’t just turn extremely dark images into useable pics—it brightened the right spots, retained the right shadows, and simply handled the whole scene better than the Pixel 4. It’s subtle, but more often than not, the iPhone produced richer, more detailed shots without losing the natural darkness.

…Tt certainly seems like Apple did more than just catch up with the Pixel on night sight — it might just be the phone to beat.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max’s Night mode is clearly unmatched. Excellent job this time around, Apple cameras team!

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