Developer burns CD with his Apple Watch

Will it Work demo with Apple Watch
Watch and burn.
Screenshot: Niles Mitchell/YouTube

The Apple Watch has done amazing things, most notably alerted people to life-threatening heart ailments.

Here’s a new one: burning a CD with it.

Niles Mitchell, an app Developer and AppleScript expert, showed off this little-known watch function for his Youtube show, Will It Work?.

Mitchell loves to connect all sorts of odd gadgets to his iPhone and Apple Watch to create some type of action, though that action may be most appealing to tech geeks.

Still, burning a CD with the watch? It’s worth a look.

To best represent the truth, it should be reported that Apple never intended the Apple Watch to copy files over to a CD. There isn’t an app for that.

What Mitchell did was use Rumpus, an FTP server app and web file manager. He sent the iP address to himself in iMessage to pull up the web page containing a blank CD. A CD and burner plugged into an iMac were standing by.

He used Siri to create some blank folders. He then went into the settings icon and tapped “Burn.”

Source: The Loop

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