Beats Studio3, Solo3, and BeatsX get new colors

What you need to know

  • The new Camo Collection has landed.
  • Both BeatsX and Studio3 get two new colors.
  • The color options continue to grow.

We’re spoilt for choice.

Never ones to sit on stagnant color choices Beats has now updated a couple of its ranges. The BeatsX and Studio 3 Wireless have now gained new options.

Starting with the Studio 3 Wireless we have a new Camo Collection (via MacRumors). The new options are functionally identical to existing colors, meaning the W1 chip and 22 hours of battery life are present. The same $349 price point remains, too.

The Satin Collection is back in the Solo3 Wireless Headphones, too. Satin Silver and Satin Gold join the existing colors, the former of which is a personal favorite. You get the Apple H1 chip and a solid 40 hours of battery life for $199.95.

The BeatsX sees the return of the old Defiant collection with Black and Red available – no matter which color yuou go for they’ll be costing costing $99.95.

Continuing the music theme Apple is also now selling a black Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable for $34.99. This is the first time that Apple has offered this kind of cable as a first-party option having previously stocked Belkin products instead.

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