These Switch games work with the Fangamer Flip Grip to play vertically

Over the past few years we’ve seen a lot of awesome games release for the Nintendo Switch. Several of these games, especially retro classics and pinball games, benefit from being played vertically. However, the Switch isn’t designed to allow Joy-Cons to attach in a vertical screen orientation. Fortunately, the Fangamer Flip Grip accessory came to the rescue and makes it possible for you to play your Switch with attached Joy-Cons in vertical mode. We’ve gathered up a list of games that work with the Flip Grip. See which ones catch your eye.

Note: It’s important to note that the Flip Grip only attaches to the Switch console in one direction. If a game doesn’t orient itself in this same direction, then it won’t be playable with the Flip Grip.

★ Featured favorite

Star Wars Pinball

This fun pinball game features 19 different tables, each with a different Star Wars theme. You can unlock fun iconic sequences by hitting specific areas or scoring highly. If you want, you can also have your information added to the leader boards and see how your skills compare to other players around the world.

$30 at Amazon

Pac-Man and more

Namco Arcade Museum for Switch

Staff Pick

All of the of Namco titles in this collection support vertical orientation. It includes popular classics like Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaga ’88, Dig Dug, and Tower of Druaga. So many compatible games makes it one of the best purchases on this list. Some of these titles even support up to four players.

$27 at Amazon

Retro collection

Atari Flashback Classics

This purchase gives you 150 different retro games in one purchase. However, only eight of them work with the Flip Grip: Centipede, Fire Truck, Maze Invaders, Millipede, Monte Carlo, Super Breakout, Super Bug, and Soccer. Some games can support up to four players.

$38 at Amazon

Guerilla War and more

SNK 40th Anniversary

This collection features a number of games that works with the Flip Grip including Guerilla War, Alpha Mission, Ikari Warriors, Search and Rescue, TNK III, Vanguard, and Victory Road. Additionally, the following games released via post-launch DLC and also work with the Flip Grip: Chopper I, Fantasy, Munch Mobile, Sasuke vs Commander, and Time Soldiers.

$38 at Amazon

Space battles

Psyvariar Delta

This classic shooter has you blasting down enemies in a sci-fi adventure. Dodge oncoming fire and aim true to defeat your opponents. If you avoid hits you can level up and become more powerful. See how well you can score.

$50 at Amazon

Barrel jumper

Donkey Kong

This classic game was originally released in 1981 (!!) and features a plumber climbing level after level to defeat a large monkey and save Lady. You can play in alternating two-player mode where gamers try to beat each other’s scores. It’s one of the most iconic arcade games and provides plenty of fun for players of all ages.

$8 at Nintendo

Diddy Kong’s debut

Donkey Kong Jr.

In this classic twist, players take control of Donkey Kong Jr. who’s on a mission to save Donkey Kong from Mario. You’ll scale each level, steal the cage key from the plumber, and attempt to set your father free. You can choose the game difficulty and compare your score against others around the world. As with the original, this game allows for alternating two-player mode.

$8 at Nintendo

1985 classic shooter

Alpha Mission

This SNK shooting game has you blasting through enemies and collecting Power Armor, which you can use to strategically take down opponents. Up to two people can play at a time. You can choose your difficulty and compete against other players around the world.

$8 at Nintendo

Arcade flyer


You take command of the Mega Argus, a flying fortress to track down enemies and destroy them. This shooter originally released in 1986 and was created by JALECO. As with most retro reproductions, this one allows you to choose your difficulty and allows you to compare scores with other players online. This game allows up to two players to play at once.

$8 at Nintendo

A real blast!

Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack originally released in 1984 and features a superhero dashing about to collect bombs on different levels. Up to two players can play together. The first one to get to a bomb gets more points and fills up their Power gauge.

$8 at Nintendo

Shoot and find cover

Front Line

This retro action game originally released in 1983 and features a soldier who must use grenades and pistols to destroy his enemies. You can even climb in to tanks on the battlefield and shoot them to take down hostiles. Up to two players can play at once.

$8 at Nintendo

Fantasy adventure

Heroic Episode

This fantasy shooter originally released in 1986. You play a winged soldier to take down dragons, cyclopes, and other mythical enemies in your attempt to reclaim the stolen goddess statue. Up to two players can play together.

$8 at Nintendo

Stellar battles

Moon Cresta

Moon Cresta originally released in 1980 and has you commanding a spaceship facing alien invaders. Up to two players can play at once. Your scores can also get recorded to compete against other players.

$8 at Nintendo

Shoot ’em up!

Omega Fighter

This shooter allows players to employ two different kinds of Shots and several different items to save the Earth from invading aliens. Up to two players can play together and you can opt to have your scores recorded online to see how well you stack up.

$8 at Nintendo



Nintendo originally released this boxing game back in 1984. To win you’ll need to use a mix of defensive and offensive moves to take down foes and become the champion. You can read the expressions on your opponents faces to determine which moves they’re about to make and then use an appropriate move to match it.

$8 at Nintendo

Speed racer


Up to two players can compete by racing around the track, collecting items, and dodging enemies. The player with the higher score wins. This classic racing game originally released in 1981

$8 at Nintendo

Pew pew

Star Force

This interstellar shooter was a popular game back in the 80s. There are plenty of hidden bonuses and it supports up to two players so you can compete with a friend. Your scores are recorded and compared against others. See how well you do.

$8 at Nintendo

Fly by

Terra Cresta

This classic shooting game, originally released by Nichibutsu, came out in 1985. Your goal is to collect parts that have been left on the ground as you fly by and defeat your enemies. Up to two players can play and your scores are recorded for comparison online.

$8 at Nintendo

War Games

Sega Ages Gain Ground

This game takes place in the year 2348, where the Gain Ground battle-simulator has gotten out of control and has trapped people inside. It’s up to you to rescue these poor souls from robots and escape back to safety. It supports up to three players.

$8 at Nintendo

Ring ring

A Normal Lost Phone

You play as someone who finds a lost phone and bit by bit unravels the intimate details about the phone’s owner. This is a mystery game where you’ll search the phone’s text messages, pictures, and apps in order to figure out what happened to the missing person.

$6 at Nintendo

Is Laura there?

Another Lost Phone:Laura’s Story

This is the spiritual sequel to A Normal Lost Phone. Once more, you find a phone and are able to search the apps, photos, and text messages for clues as to what happened to the missing person. It’s a captivating game that feels more real than many others out there and since you’re looking at a phone screen the whole time, the Flip Grip vertical orientation works perfectly with it.

$6 at Nintendo

Two tales in one

Lost Phone Stories

This collection comes with both A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story. You’ll explore the lives of the people whose phone you’ve found and attempt to find out why and how they disappeared. See if you can solve the mysteries.

$10 at Nintendo

Jet Blue

Danmaku Unlimited 3

This is a fun shoot ’em up that employs plenty of bright colors and exciting movements to keep you entertained as you blast your way through each level. There are up to 25 unique weapon combinations so you can explore and see which ones you like best.

$10 at Nintendo

Hunting for treasure


This game tells the tale of a young person who travels down into a well in search of treasures. There are foul creatures below, but you’re armed with lethal gunboots and can acquire other weapons in order to repel them. The well is randomly generated so you’ll have a different experience each time.

$3 at Nintendo

Magic and monsters

Dragon Blaze

This game takes place in the fantasy world of Megalith. You’ll fight monsters and dragons in a holy war in order to get your hands on the magical Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Moon, and Sun stones. Up to two players can play this game.

$8 at Nintendo

Puzzle and fire


This classic arcade game initially launched in 2001 and was made by Zerodiv Inc. It’s a puzzle game that features pinball, action, and shooter elements. Try to get a high score and move on to the next level.

$8 at Nintendo

Magic mirror


The story takes place in 19th century Europe where several people are after the magic mirror of Atra. As with many other arcade shooters, this game supports up to two players and has you shooting at enemies as you fly forward.

$8 at Nintendo


Gunbird 2

This sequel to Gunbird follows five characters as they venture off to get a hold of an ancient medicine handed down through time. In order to access the temple that houses this medicine, you’ll need to blast your way through levels and collect the Sun element, Star element, and Moon element. Enemies block your path. See if you can get to the ancient medicine before they do.

$8 at Nintendo

Blast a path


In this shooter, you play as a rebel named Shinra who pilots the Ikaruga. This game has a fun take on the traditional shooter; bullets that are the same color as the Ikaruga are absorbable, while other colors cause damage. See how good of a score you can get.

$15 at Nintendo

Competitive Pinball

Pinball FX3

This is one of the best games for pinball fans. It features a number of tables based on popular media like Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead, Portal, Family Guy, Aliens, and more. Additionally, there are multiplayer matchups and tournaments that you can compete in.

Free at Nintendo

Prove your skill

Samurai Aces

This was Psikyo’s first shooting game originally released in 1993. In this world, Samurai fight their battles in the air by commanding ships. Players will take control of one of six samurai in order to take down opponents and reach high scores. See how well you can do.

$8 at Nintendo

Shoot away

Strikers 1945 II

This is another shooter created by Psikyo. You’ll fly forward in an aircraft and try to blast your way through each level. The game supports up to two players, so you can play with a friend. See who among you can get the best scores.

$8 at Nintendo

Panic Flip

Zaccaria Pinball

This is another game for pinball lovers. There are several different tables to play and the game is free to start. You can purchase additional DLC to unlock more tables. Compete against others to see how well your skills stack up. Up to four people can play.

Free at Nintendo

Going vertical

Anyone who enjoys classic arcade cabinet games will appreciate being able to use the Flip Grip. It attaches to your Switch and allows you to play your games more easily in vertical mode. Just keep in mind that the Flip Grip can only be attached to your Switch on one side. This means that if you find another game that supports veritical orientation, you’ll need to make sure that the game itself can orient so that the game slot on the Switch console is up top.

If you’re unsure where to start, you should check out Star Wars Pinball. It works beautifully with the Flip Grip and there are 19 different Star Wars themed tables for you to play on. You can even compare your scores to players around the world and compete to do better.

If you’re looking for retro classics, you should really get your hands on Namco Arcade Museum since this collection includes huge favorites like Pac-Man and Galaga. Another big classic that work with the Flip Grip is the original Donkey Kong. This iconic game has you playing as Mario and has you jumping over barrels to reach the top of the level and save Lady from the giant monkey.

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