Take nightlights to the next level with HomeKit and Siri

HomeKit nightlights combine the path and room lighting staples with modern home conveniences. Whether its controlling your nightlight’s brightness levels through the Home app or Siri, or having them light automatically with motion, these accessories can do so much more than their “dumb” counterparts. Check out the best of both worlds with our guide to the best HomeKit options around.

Ready to light

Eton Blackout Buddy Connect

Staff Favorite

The Blackout Buddy Connect serves as a nightlight, flashlight, USB charger, motion sensor, and a portable battery all in one plug-in package. When the power goes out, the built-in light comes to life automatically, guiding your way to safety. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to keep tabs on your home, notifying you of a power failure even while you’re out and about.

$40 at Amazon

Safety light

Nuk OneLink Environment Monitor

Nuk’s OneLink Environment Monitor provides a gentle nightlight, along with temperature and carbon monoxide sensing capabilities. The on-board light ring can also serve as a notification light, glowing red or blue according to your custom set points. This monitor also sports a rechargeable battery enabling portability, and it works as a backup in case of a power failure.

$25 at Amazon

Lights, camera, action

Arlo Baby

As its name implies, the Arlo Baby is perfect for the nursery with its always-on camera, nightlight, and air quality sensors. The nightlight supports tons of different colors and light levels, and the Arlo Baby’s playful design is completely customizable through various swappable themes, such as a bunny. Rounding out the feature set is two-way audio and soothing sounds, which make it the ultimate baby monitor.

$127 at Amazon

Flush mount

iDevices Wall Outlet

The iDevices Wall Outlet is the best solution for adding a nightlight around the house without having to compromise on looks. This smart outlet installs directly in your wall, replacing a traditional one, which enables it to blend in perfectly with your decor. Best of all, this outlet has a LED light that works perfectly as a nightlight, complete with color selection through the Home app.

$81 at Amazon

Outdoors too

Eve Flare

Eve Flare is a beautiful lamp that has full dimming and color capabilities, making it a fun option thanks to its unique design. The Flare is competely portable with a built-in battery, and it’s also weather resistant, which means that you can bring your nightlight along on your next camping trip. When used on the go, this lamp lasts up to six hours on a charge, and it even has a handy handle that allows for it to hang inside of a tent.

$100 at Amazon

Task light

Vocolinc PM3

Vocolinc’s PM3 smart plug is a bedside companion that has a powerful, adjustable, LED nightlight that looks just like a path light. The PM3 has one outlet that is controllable through Siri or HomeKit, as well as two USB ports, which removes the need for additional charging blocks. This awesome outlet is also one of the least expensive plugs around, and it’s a bargain for all of this functionality.

$17 at Amazon

Guiding lights

Nightlights are a staple in most homes as they help to shine a little light in a dark room, or serving as a guiding light for the late night snack run. HomeKit nightlights take these household helpers to the next level through customization, convenience, and control, all through an App or Siri. The Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is one of our favorite nightlights as it offers a rare combination of lighting, connectivity, and safety, keeping your area lit and your devices powered in case of emergency.

Need a nightlight for the nursery? Then check out the Arlo Baby. This playful partner checks all of the baby essentials with an HD camera, two-way audio, temperature sensing, and of course, a nightlight. Whatever option you choose, your home will have the subtle light that you need, as well as HomeKit connectivity, making the darkness disappear with automations or color.

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