Share the misery by reporting traffic problems to Google Maps

Report traffic problems with Google Maps
Warn your fellow Google Maps users of crashes, speed traps and other traffic slowdowns.
Photo: Google/Cult of Mac

Google Maps already alerts drivers about crashes and other traffic slowdowns, but the app is just now allowing users to report these incidents on their iPhone.

This has long been a feature of Waze, Google’s other iOS navigation app.

It never hurts to help other Google Maps users

“We’re adding more tools that reflect real-time contributions from the community so you can stay even more informed when you’re behind the wheel,” said Sandra Tseng, Google Maps’ product manager.

iPhone users can report crashes, speed traps, traffic slowdowns, construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road. Just be careful of telling Maps about problems while driving. That’s a distraction that can easily lead to crashes.

Previously, this information has been sourced from Waze users for iPhone and Android. The Android version of Google Maps has also let users report some of these problems.

Google promises the new feature starts rolling out globally to Google Maps users on iOS this week.

Apple’s own navigation software, also called simply Maps, got started later than its rival and is playing catchup. It doesn’t allow users to report speed traps, etc. Still, iOS 13 brought in Look Around, which is like Google’s Street View, only better.

Source: Google

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