Save 25% on Babbel’s language learning app today

What’s holding you back from taking that dream vacation to a foreign country? For many of us, it’s unfamiliarity with the local language. If your preparation involves learning a new language from a textbook, you’ll be in a world of confusion when it actually comes to hailing a cab or chatting with the locals. Luckily, Babbel will teach you practical language skills you need to speak a new language confidently, and you can get 25% off now for select subscriptions. 

Babbel is a language learning app designed by 100 language experts to get you speaking a new language as quickly as possible. In fact, you’ll be able to speak a new language within 15 hours of study. Babbel’s lessons are designed to be fun, easy, and can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes, so you don’t need to spend hours hunched over a dry textbook to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures. Babbel focuses on real-life conversational skills such as introducing yourself or ordering a drink — the things that really matter when you plan to travel.

Learning a new language through the strict confines of a textbook won’t prepare you for real conversations with native speakers. What you need is a platform that focuses on practical conversations. By subscribing to Babbel, you’ll learn how to speak a new language as soon as possible for 25% off.


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