More than 50 percent of all iPhones are already running iOS 13

According to Apple’s internal measurements, more than 50 percent of all iPhones were running iOS 13 just 26 days after launch…

Nick Statt for The Verge:

That’s slower than iOS 12, which took just 23 days to hit 50 percent, but not by much. If you count only iPhones purchased in the last four years, the figure jumps up to 55 percent.

The numbers look even better — vis-à-vis Android — when you take into account that most other phones are running iOS 12. Of all iPhones currently accessing the App Store, which is how Apple checks these numbers, 41 percent are using iOS 12 and just 9 percent are using an earlier mobile OS. For devices four years old and younger, 38 percent are running iOS 12 and just 7 percent are running an older OS.

While these adoption rates may have slowed from last year, Apple is still miles ahead of Google in this regard, thanks to its tight integration of hardware and software that Google has never been able to replicate with Android. In fact, Google seems to have stopped reporting adoption rates recently, so we don’t know how many devices have Android 10 installed.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s mobile operating system adoption rates are the stuff of which Alphabet, peddler of the toxic hellstew Fragmandroid, can only dream.

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