Apple AirPods, scorned initially, but now among the most successful CE product ever

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Brian Santo for IEEE Spectrum:

AirPods are in a class by themselves: You would be hard-pressed to think of another consumer product that went from being so mocked to so many millions sold. “Expensive and easy-to-lose cigarette butts,” one reviewer opined upon first encountering them. AirPods turned out to be so advanced they overcame all those negatives.

For starters, AirPods didn’t (and don’t) fall out anywhere near as often as people originally feared. Not everyone’s earholes are the same shape, and AirPods fit some people better than others. But, generally speaking, for most people they stay put.

Most reviewers agree that among all wireless headphones, AirPods excel when it comes to maintaining a Bluetooth connection with whatever device they’re paired with, and that’s due to the W1… Bluetooth headphones are notorious for occasional interruptions. But such dropouts rarely happen with W1-equipped headphones, users say. Also, earphones and headphones equipped with W1s have pretty good battery life; Apple says that’s a function of superior discharge management, also performed by the W1.’

Apple doesn’t break out sales of AirPods, but a widely cited estimate suggests that it shipped 14 million to 16 million AirPods in 2017. The same analyst believes the company probably doubled its sales of AirPods in 2018 and projects that the number of shipments might be as high as 80 million in 2020.

MacDailyNews Take: AirPods are yet another in a long line of Apple products that were mocked by fools initially, but which went on to become wildly successful!

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