NBC extends deal to be exclusive seller of ads in Apple Stocks and Apple News

NBCUniversal has extended its partnership with Apple News to now be the exclusive seller of ads in Apple’s Stocks app, as well as Apple News.

Sara Fischer, Axios:

The multi-year partnership means that NBCU can sell ads against all the stories in the main feed of Apple Stocks, as well as Apple News for several years. Other publishers can still sell ads again their own articles.

Krishan Bhatia, NBCU’s EVP of Business Operations & Strategy, declined to say how much money the company makes off of its Apple News partnership, but “it’s a very meaningfully-sized business compared to what we do on Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat.”

While NBCU is making money, most smaller publishers Axios has spoken with say they aren’t. It’s common to hear publishers say they get millions of monthly views on Apple News, but rarely make any real money off of them.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s free Stocks app includes business news from top publications around the world. Apple News+ subscribers see Apple News+ stories right in the Stocks app. The NBCU-sold ads appear within that main feed of business news.

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