Kids circumvent Apple’s ‘Screen Time’ parental controls with ease

Reed Albergotti for The Washington Post:

Helen Glaze didn’t think anything of it when her two sons told her they were looking for ways to get around Screen Time, Apple’s built-in tool that gives parents control of their kids’ phones. Then she discovered her 9- and 12-year-olds watching Minecraft videos at 2 a.m.

Kids are outsmarting an army of engineers from Cupertino, Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. And Apple, which introduced Screen Time a year ago in response to pressure to address phone overuse by kids, has been slow to make fixes to its software that would close these loopholes.

Everywhere from Reddit to YouTube, kids are sharing tips and tricks that allow them to circumvent Screen Time… “These are not rocket science, backdoor, dark web sort of hacks,” says Chris McKenna, founder of the Internet safety group Protect Young Eyes. “It blows me away that Apple hasn’t thought through the fact that a persistent middle school boy or girl can bang around and find them.”

McKenna said he’s miffed that Apple doesn’t fix the loopholes faster, despite its size, its massive hoard of cash and its copious profits. “In one day, I’m confident Apple could clean up all these loopholes,” he said.

MacDailyNews Note: McKenna has been compiling a list of loopholes of which he has informed Apple. He recently posted a how-to online in an effort to warn parents of these Screen Time loopholes and to help them close them when possible.

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