Check out this unreleased iPhone 4S Ad featuring Siri and John Krasinski

There could be more where this came from

What you need to know

  • An archived, unreleased iPhone 4S advert has surfaced on Twitter.
  • It features John Krasinski using Siri on the iPhone 4S.
  • Source says there are “many other” unreleased ads in the archive.

Twitter user Sam Henri Gold has uploaded an archived, unreleased iPhone 4S advert featuring John Krasinski (The Office).

The Ad features Siri reminding Krasinski about a book club meeting he’d forgotten about. As Krasinski struggles to get ready he asks Siri to summarise the plot of Les Miserables’, and on the way to the evening he uses to Siri to find the nearest market so that he can buy cookies, only to be turned away because he’d forgotten about the fancy dress theme. The advert ends with Siri offering options for costumer shops nearby.

You can check out the advert below!

It’s unclear exactly how Gold has got his hands on the video, but you’ll note from the tweet the claim that there are other unreleased ads in this purported archive. With that being said, this might not be the first unreleased advert we get to see!

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