Need a new Magic Mouse or Keyboard? Check out these renewed units on sale

Mice and keyboards get a workout and probably fail more often than any other Mac component, and sadly they’re not cheap! If you’re tired of banging on the “n” key to get it to type properly, find that your Magic Mouse has lost its magic, or are just discouraged by how old your keyboard and mouse look, we’ve got the solution with these renewed Magic Mouses and Keyboards. There are three ways to buy ‘em:

First, we have the Wireless Magic Mouse and Keyboard Set for $79.99. This gives you the Bluetooth Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard together.

Next, you can get just the Magic Mouse for $42.99. Let’s face it, even if your current mouse or trackpad is working fine, it’s always good to have a spare available in case something goes wrong.

Finally, the Wireless Keyboard is available by itself for $49.99. Once again, having a spare on hand for emergencies is a good idea whether you own a desktop Mac like a Mac Pro, iMac or Mac mini, or one of Apple’s laptop machines.’

Order today, and you should have your mouse and/or keyboard by the end of the month!

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