Koogeek to Release LB3 Updated Smart Colour Bulb

After a long(ish) period of inactivity, at least in terms of HomeKit, Koogeek seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment, with the release of two devices in a short space of time, namely the FL1 Smart Fingerprint Lock and the A1W Environment Sensor, both of we’ve recently reviewed. Now, Koogeek are set to release a successor to their original LB1 Smart Colour bulb, with the LB3, which dispenses with the unique shape of the original, to present a more standard form factor, but also bump up the lumen count from 500lm to a much more respectable 800lm, with, of course, the standard 16 million colours.

To be fair to Koogeek, they have been working on other products, but the products that came out recently, amonst which were some smart plugs, are only designed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The last HomeKit enabled bulb they released prior to the LB3 was the LB2, which came out a while ago, and is the white only version of the LB3, but unfortunately only has a paltry 560lm, and isn’t even a tunable white bulb, so is stuck at warm white.

The new LB3 also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which is a bit odd, given that they also released the KLLB3, which whilst also capable of 16 million colours, and is capable of kicking out 100lm more (giving a total of 900lm), only works with these two systems, so it may be that the LB3 eventually replaces this bulb, given that it works with the HomeKit as well.

The bulb itself is a standard E26 type bulb and uses wifi to communicate, but doesn’t require a hub. It’s currently not available to buy, but if the FL1 and the AW1 are anything to go by, this should be available on Amazon quite soon.

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