Team GO Rocket is invading soon! Here’s what you need to know!

Team Rocket is invading Pokémon GO – here’s everything we know so far about how to take them down!

With trainer battles, trading, and other features, Pokémon GO is starting to resemble the outlines of the mainline Pokémon games more and more every day. That appears to be on the verge of becoming even more true soon as the game may be adding the series’ quintessential villain team to the game: Team Rocket.

In this incarnation, Team Rocket is called Team GO Rocket, and instead of stealing Pokémon, they’re….corrupting PokeStops? Info is still scarce about this upcoming feature, but here’s everything we know so far:

What are Team GO Rocket Invasions?

Team GO Rocket Invasions are a new feature coming to Pokémon GO in the near future that, for the first time, allows you to effectively battle an NPC trainer in-game and receive a reward. At the moment, not many confirmed details are known, but some datamining shared on Twitter (thanks to Chrales) has revealed details about what these events will entail.

How do I encounter a Team GO Rocket Invasion?

When Team GO Rocket Invasions are added to the game, it looks like they will occur at PokeStops. There will likely be some visual indication of an invasion at a particular PokeStop. It is not yet clear whether or not it will affect Gyms as well, as that could have implications for Raids and Gym Battles in addition to the PokeStop function itself.

How does an invasion work?

Based on the datamined text, it appears that a Team Rocket Invasion at a PokeStop may hinder you from using it until you battle the Team Rocket Grunt there and stop the invasion. Each of the three Team Leaders has text explaining to you that an invasion has occurred and that you’ll need to battle a Team Rocket Grunt to end it.

The basic structure of an invasion appears to be that once you arrive at a PokeStop with an invasion, you can battle the Grunt, after which you’ll receive an opportunity to “purify” the Pokemon they leave behind.

What is “purifying? Pokémon?

It is unclear at the moment how “purifying” Pokémon works. When you battle Team Rocket GO Grunts at PokeStops, they will leave a Pokémon behind for you to capture. Capturing it sounds like it works like capturing any other Pokemon, but purifying may entail something else. We’ll have to wait for more details to see what this new feature means. For now, all we know is that the Team Leaders say this process will help it “harness its strength” and “become more powerful.”

Why do Team GO Rocket Invasions?

Based on the info we have, it seems like Team GO Rocket Invasions will be necessary to restore some features of PokeStops, such as claiming items by spinning them. It also may end up being a way to capture either new Pokémon or more powerful ones through the purification process.

When can I find Team GO Rocket Invasions in Pokémon GO?

No release date has been given for these features yet, but keep checking back! We’ll update as more details are added.

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