Avoid Identity Theft with These Top-Rated Services

We’re more connected now than ever through our smart devices – but unfortunately, this also means that we’re more vulnerable. From scammers to hackers, there are simply too many people on the web who want nothing more than to steal our information.

In 2017 alone, over 16 million people were the victims of identity fraud. This number continues to grow as scammers and hackers get more sophisticated in their approaches, with phishing schemes and “urgent” scam calls from agencies like the “IRS.” But you can take proactive measures by investing in an identity theft protection service.

An identity theft protection service keeps a watch on things like your credit, bank accounts, and personal information. If anything sketchy shows up, they will alert you and offer the next best course of action.

These services give you an extra layer of protection and actively prevent malicious people from ruining your financial health. While they won’t keep your information from getting out, they’ll be able to notify you if (or when) it does.

Top Identity Theft Protection Services

  1. LifeLock: As one of the most well-known names in the identity theft protection world, LifeLock includes comprehensive monitoring, a credit freeze option, and an antivirus software add-on. They’ve also paired up with Norton to offer users online monitoring of ransomware, phishing, and online scams. LifeLock also has different tiered plans, like a LifeLock Junior plan for protecting your children or LifeLock Senior for individuals 65 and over. The plan with the most (and best) coverage also happens to be one of the more expensive options on this list.
  2. ID Watchdog: Most people think of just identity theft protection as monitoring your financial health, but it’s just as important to watch your personal info, too. To keep you protected and give you peace of mind, ID Watchdog looks at millions of data points including address changes, court records, and other public information. Within the credit monitoring realm, ID Watchdog provides additional insight into how particular payments may affect your credit score.
  3. IdentityForce: This company adheres to a four-pillar strategy: monitor, alert, control, and recover — running 24/7/365. And in the event that anything happens to your information, IdentityForce will pair you up with an expert to help recover your data. You also have the option to sign up for a family plan to keep you, your partner, and your children monitored.
  4. Identity Guard: Identity Guard includes your standard threat protection services like alerts of any high-risk transactions, personal information on the dark web, and any other threat detections. But one thing that sets them apart is their use of IBM’s infamous Watson. They use this technology to monitor your identity, privacy, and credit across the internet.
  5. PrivacyGuard: With access to all three-bureau credit reports as well as daily credit monitoring, PrivacyGuard keeps you in the loop if anyone reviews your credit files or opens an account in your name. You have the option to either protect either your identity or credit,or get total coverage with the Total Protection plan. However, a major downfall of the service is that they lack a mobile app.
  6. IDShield: FFor 3-Bureau monitoring, unlimited consultations, and 24/7/365 live support, IDShield has you covered. They also include social media outlets as part of the 20 sources they look at for fraud and identity theft. Users are provided with a free credit score as part of their subscription.
  7. McAfee Identity Theft Protection: McAfee got their start in the virus protection software world, but they’ve expanded their services into the identity theft protection world. Their services include cyber monitoring, where the company scans the internet for your information and will alert you to any suspicious activity. They also cover you in the event that you’ve lost your wallet — the company will work to replace the contents, from ID cards to credit cards.

Trying to monitor your financial and personal information online can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t know where to look. Instead of laboring over this busywork, let an identity theft protection service lend you a helping hand. They can watch for any bad actors online and alert you whenever your data is compromised, illegally sold, or used without your permission.

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