This iPod-inspired watch stand is music to your eyes

Apple Watch stand looks like an iPod
Charge you Apple Watch and your memory for sweet play lists.
Photo: elago

The Apple Watch is a modern timepiece that one company keeps turning into a time machine.

To elago, the watch display is the perfect inspiration for a series of charging stands made to look like vintage Apple products. It’s latest looks like the Classic iPod, complete with that iconic click wheel.

The nod to the iPod joins the line of Apple Watch charging stands that include likenesses for the 1984 Macintosh and 1998 blue iMac G3. There is also an Apple Watch stand designed to look like a Gameboy.

Each stand is made from silicone and won’t scratch the watch as it nests in each blast from the past. The stand contains a place for the factory issued Watch watch charger and is designed so that the display is perfectly framed, giving watch users access to the desired functions, including the alarm clock.

The iPod stand is available now on Amazon for $12.99. A black model with red click wheel is available for two dollars more.

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