iOS 13 promotes eye-to-eye contact in FaceTime

Jon Porter from The Verge

Normally, video calls tend to make it look like both participants are peering off to one side or the other, since they’re looking at the person on their display, rather than directly into the front-facing camera.

However, the new “FaceTime Attention Correction” feature appears to use some kind of image manipulation to correct this, and results in realistic-looking fake eye contact between the FaceTime users.

The claims emanate from a Tweet written by app designer, Mike Rundle, who claims to have found a new control for this feature, which he predicted for smartphones in 2017.

If this is true this is an all-digital feature that relies on advanced image-manipulation algorithms to function.

MacDailyNews Take: If it happens, this could be a positive articulation of the advanced imaging intelligence Apple continues to develop, and should make FaceTime calls a little more “real” seeming than before.

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