iOS 13 graphic suggests iPhone to iPhone backups via cable

Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac

New assets and strings found in iOS 13 beta 3 suggest Apple is working on a way to transfer data from another iOS device directly, using a cable. One of assets shows an image of two iPhones connected to each other using a cable. It’s unclear how this could be achieved exactly given that current iPhones feature a Lightning port and Apple does not offer a Lightning-to-Lightning cable.

We tried to make the new transfer options appear on a device running iOS 13 developer beta 3 by resetting the device and doing the setup process manually, but no new options showed up. It’s possible that the new data transfer methods are not ready yet or are being worked on for unreleased devices.

MacDailyNews Take: iCloud backups are great, but transferring all that data to a new device can take an age and eats up bandwidth, which is a problem if your data usage is capped. Direct iPhone-to-iPhone data backups/transfers could ease that burden, so long as the process is secure.

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