Fortnite fans prepare for Upside Down as Stranger Things takes over

Fortnite players could soon find themselves transported to the Upside Down as Stranger Things begins its in-game takeover.

Gateways to the parallel universe, complete with floating spores, have started appearing in the Mega Mall area of Battle Royale. They won’t take you far for now — but that could soon change.

Epic Games and Netflix have been teasing a big Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover for a while now. A Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor — where Steve Harrington works in the third season of the hit TV show — has been a Mega Mall fixture for months.

And with that third season of Stranger Things scheduled to make its debut tomorrow, July 4, its presence inside Battle Royale just got a lot bigger.

Gateways to the Upside Down

If you visit Mega Mall today, you will now find gateways to the Upside Down — just like those from the show — attached to the walls of a number of stores. Except they don’t take you to the Upside Down … yet.

The portals will only transport you to other areas of Mega Mall for now. But for a big crossover as big as this one — which has clearly been in development for a long time — we’re expecting a lot more from those portals over the coming days.

It certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see an Upside Down world in Battle Royale. But just how big it might be, and what you might find there, is a complete mystery to us all for now. Here’s to hoping Epic doesn’t disappoint.

Not the first Fortnite crossover

In addition to the portals, players will also find small consumable ice creams dotted around Mega Mall. Eating them will grant you five health when you need a top-up.

This isn’t all we expect to see from Fortnite’s latest crossover. Even if we don’t get to visit the Upside Down, we will almost certainly see new Stranger Things skins that you’ll be able to purchase from the item shop — and perhaps the odd Domogorgon wandering around the Battle Royale map.

Epic has teamed up with other big names to bring us exciting Fortnite crossovers in the past. We got to play as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye as part of its massive Endgame mode, while a previous partnership allowed us to play as Thanos.

More recently, John Wick made his way to the game, bringing with him a limited-time bounty hunting game mode and an official John Wick skin.

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