Best Cell Phone Plan Deals You Can Get Today

Depending on the time of year, you can often luck out with special deals or promotions from the top carriers in the mobile world. These can include hefty discounts, free accessories (or even phones), and included plan features you wouldn’t get otherwise.

But searching for deals can be a tiresome process. The last thing you want to do is go into a store and have a sales rep upsell you on things that you don’t need. It’s much easier to compare the best deals on mobile plans in one spot.

To make the process of finding the best deals easier, we’ve added a few of our picks for the best cellphone plan deals below:


  • Deal: Get 30% off your first month when you switch to Tello
  • Unlimited texts
  • Option to port-in your existing phone number
  • Get a new device or bring your own

Republic Wireless

  • Deal: Save by paying annually instead of monthly
  • Savings depend on the type of plan you choose
  • Monthly savings do not include taxes and fees

Boost Mobile

  • Deal: 4 lines for $100/month; in-store offer only
  • Available for new customers only
  • Can add an additional line for $30/month
  • 1GB mobile hotspot per line


  • Deal: get 6 music, movie, or entertainment perks included in your plan
  • Must sign up with the AT&T Unlimited & More Premium plan. Plan pricing varies on the number of lines you add
  • Watch Live TV on 35+ channels anytime, anywhere
  • Enjoy 1080p HD-quality streaming for your entertainment


  • Deal: get a new iPhone 6s when you switch to Verizon
  • Must purchase a new line
  • Online deal only


  • Deal: Get $10/month off on each line when switching to the Sprint Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium plans
  • Customers must bring their own devices or purchase new devices in full
  • Plans include Hulu, TIDAL. The Premium plan also includes Amazon Prime


  • Deal: Clean Slate Deal
  • Get up to $650 of your switching fees covered
  • Taxes, plan charges, or any other charges are not eligible for the discount.
  • Receive a Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Account or Prepaid Mastercard for your switching costs

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