Agenda note taking app for iOS and macOS adds full integration with Apple’s Reminders

The popular note-taking app Agenda has received a major update today, adding seamless integration with Apple’s Reminders app. It works much like Agenda’s integration with Calendar, and it works across all platforms.

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Agenda is unique in the note-taking space because it takes a date-focused approach. Essentially, its goal is to pair each note you make to a date on your calendar. This is particularly useful for things like taking notes in a meeting, class, or writing scripts. Agenda notes are added as links in the Notes field of Apple’s Calendar app.

With Reminders integration, you can add Reminders to your Agenda tasks, and fully control them via Agenda itself. This means you can edit, complete, and reschedule from the Agenda app. The Reminder will include a link to the accompanying Agenda note in the task field.

It has full integration with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps. You can create and edit calendar events and reminders without ever leaving Agenda. They get attached directly to your Agenda notes, and are automatically updated in Apple’s apps, with a very handy link to get straight back to the relevant note.

Other new features in Agenda 6.0 include a new keyboard bar, a new timeline, and more. Here are the other change:

  • A completely new timeline showing all your events and reminders in a single scrollable list. Agenda’s unique view on everything that goes on in your life, along with the notes linked to your calendar events and now reminders has become even more powerful!
  • Link multiple notes to the same events. If a meeting or event is relevant to multiple projects, you can now link multiple notes to the same calendar event. Agenda gives you one-click access to all your relevant notes.
  • An all new keyboard bar on iOS makes it even easier to format your notes, organise lists, and insert tags, people, attachments, and reminders.

Agenda is available on the Mac App Store and iOS App Store for free. If you want to learn more about today’s update, we highly recommend this excellent write up from MacStories.

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