What’s new in CarPlay in iOS 13?

Stuart Miles for PocketLint:

“Apple’s CarPlay has been around for some time, and while it has had the odd addition and change here and there over the years, not much has changed drastically.

“So, does CarPlay on iOS 13 bring anything new? Following the launch of the iOS 13 Beta we loaded up the new CarPlay on the Nissan Leaf to see what’s new.”

Highlights include:

  • New dashboard provides an overview and quick access to the stuff you’ll need the most.
  • Apple Music much easier to navigate and use.
  • Maps provides better turn-by-turn navigation and support for natural language.
  • Better Maps are being rolled out across the U.S.
  • Siri no longer takes over all of the screen when used.
  • You can use your iPhone while using CarPlay.
  • Light mode as well as Dark mode.
  • Calendar app.
  • CarPlay can now show up on multiple screens in some cars, and can use in-car mics as well as the iPhone’s own.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s focus on Maps improvements had to extend to the car, and we’re pleased to see the company introduce these improvements to the in-car CarPlay experience.

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