These bands will complement your Rose Gold Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a highly capable health and fitness smartwatch that comes in two colors: Black/Black Aluminum (black smartwatch with black silicone band) or Peach/Rose Gold Aluminum (rose gold smartwatch with peach silicone band). The bands can be replaced with other first-party or third-party bands to change up your look. The Rose Gold Fitbit Versa is so attractive, it shouldn’t be limited to the peach-colored band it comes with.

Milanese style

CAVN Stainless Steel Wristband

Staff Favorite

When Apple designed the Milanese Loop, a fleet of knock-offs were launched. It’s a new classic, an always-right style that works for dressy or casual attire. You can match the rose gold of your Fitbit or complement it with a different color; there are 14 in all.

From $16 at Amazon

A little bling

Bayite Stainless Steel Band

Turn your smartwatch into a delicate, airy piece of jewelry with just a little bling. This feminine style will be sure to garner compliments. If you’re not into the matchy-matchy, you can choose from three other stainless steel colors besides the rose gold shown here.

From $21 at Amazon

More bling

KIMILAR Bracelet Band

Romantic scrollwork, plenty of bling, and a dangling charm define this lovely bracelet-style band for your Fitbit Versa. You’re not limited to rose gold, either — it comes in three other stainless steel colors.

$19 at Amazon

Stylish leather

QIBOX Leather Band

This fun leather band has open triangles to add lightness and breathability to this slender leather band. I love the totally different look this black floral pattern gives to the rose gold smartwatch. You can choose from three floral patterns and seven solid colors, but this is the only one with a rose gold buckle.

$10 at Amazon

Tapered look

Bayite Slim Leather Band

I love the way this leather band tapers away from the smartwatch, giving it a slimmer look. This shade, Shiny Blush Pink, looks amazing with the Rose Gold Fitbit and it’s the only color offered with the rose gold buckle. If you don’t mind the buckle being silver metal, there are actually 32 color options including florals and sparkly leathers.

From $8 at Amazon

Sparkly leather

KADES Leather Band

This classic style leather band comes in a variety of fun leather colors. Some are sparkly like the one shown here while others have a plain texture. Many of them, like this one, have the rose gold buckle to perfectly complement your Rose Gold Fitbit Versa.

From $12 at Amazon

Sporty style

Kmasic Silicone Wristband

Modeled after Apple’s Sport Band, this streamlined pin-and-tuck style is perfect for the gym, the pool, or anywhere else you might go. There are 13 color choices in all. Two of them, Wine Red (pictured) and Sand Pink, even have a rose gold pin.

$8 at Amazon

Better match

Tobfit Silicone Wristband

This sparkly Shiny Rose Gold band might actually be a better match to the Rose Gold Fitbit Versa than the peach-colored band that comes with it. If you want a different color entirely, there are 12 to choose from. However, this is the only color with the rose gold buckle.

$5 at Amazon

Sport Loop

Shangpule Woven Nylon Band

Made to look like Apple’s Sport Loop, this woven nylon band has a hook-and-loop fastener for flexible size adjustment. There are eight different color options, many of which would look amazing with the Rose Gold Fitbit Versa.

From $9 at Amazon

Whimsical patterns

Maledan Bands

Eight different fun and colorful patterns make your Fitbit Versa an eye-catcher. None of these have rose gold buckles, but since they’re made to stand out rather than match, perhaps it won’t matter to you.

From $6 at Amazon

Rugged style

SUPCASE Protective Case with Strap

Ok, this one neither matches nor complements your Rose Gold Fitbit Versa, but this is the case you need if you’re taking your smartwatch rock-climbing or on another such adventure. Keep it safe inside this band/case which covers up the rose gold portion anyway.

$19 at Amazon

Color change

KTcpt Screen Protector

Maybe you want to change up the color of your Versa entirely, or you just want to protect it. This screen protector can do both. It comes in five different colors including clear, plus you can buy two-pack and three-pack combos if you want different color options.

From $7 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

The Fitibit Versa is a feature-rich smartwatch that connects to your smartphone and tracks your steps, exercise, calorie burn, sleep, female cycles, and more. It also gives you notifications from your smart phone so you won’t miss calls, texts, and other app alerts. The Peach/Rose Gold Aluminum color can be tricky to match, but there are plenty of options out there so you’re not limited to the band it comes with.

My personal favorite is always going to be the Milanese style. This CAVN Stainless Steel Wristband is made from a metal mesh, so it feels nice and light on the wrist. The loop design and magnetic closure means that it’s adjustable for size, you’re never stuck between buckle holes. Its elegant style is perfectly suited to formal occasions, yet it doesn’t look out of place with your most casual looks. If you can only buy one replacement band for your Fitbit Versa, this is the one I’d get.

If stainless steel isn’t for you, I’d go with the Bayite Slim Leather Band. The color is subtle and neutral, and you can’t go wrong with classic leather. I actually think that blush pink looks nicer with rose gold than peach does, but that’s a personal choice. This particular smartwatch band comes in a whopping 32 different colors, but I picked this one to spotlight because it has a rose gold buckle. The buckle certainly doesn’t have to match your Fitbit exactly, and if you’re not concerned with that matching then you have lots and lots of choices here.

There are plenty of other Fitbit Versa bands out there — not just for Rose Gold fans, so if you don’t see something on this list for you, no sweat!

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