Regal Cinemas Planning to Launch Unlimited Movie Subscription Service

Regal Cinemas will soon launch an unlimited movie ticket subscription service in the United States, according to a new report from Deadline.

The service is set to launch in late July, and while the details are still being ironed out, it is expected to have three pricing tiers: $18, $21, and $24 per month. Each pricing tier will provide unlimited ticket subscriptions, and the pricing options are going to vary based on location. Regal has more than 500 theaters across the United States.

Those purchasing a top-priced tier will have access to any Regal Cinema (i.e., from Valencia, CA to 42nd Street in NYC), while the lowest tier gets access to about half of the chain’s national footprint. If someone purchased a subscription at a low tier and ventures to an out-of-network Regal in a higher tier (like a major city), there’s apt to be a surcharge (not final, but around $2-$3) on a gratis ticket.

Each tier also includes 10 percent off concessions and Regal may offer discounted pricing when purchasing a subscription for an entire year. What’s not known is whether premium options like IMAX, Dolby 3D and others will be included in the monthly subscription price.

Regal’s upcoming movie ticket subscription service will compete with AMC’s Stubs A-List program, which costs between $19.95 and $23.95 per month depending on the state and provides access to three movies per week.

Movie ticket subscription options became popular when MoviePass launched its $9.95 per month unlimited ticket program, but that ultimately failed due to the low pricing. MoviePass is still around, but charges $20 per month and restricts access to some movies.