Lead Creative Best Known for Spike Jonze HomePod Video Leaves Apple’s Ad Agency

Marketing creative Arnau Bosch Vergés, best known for the Spike Jonze-directed HomePod commercial “Welcome Home,” is leaving Apple’s ad agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

According to the The Drum, which broke the news, Vergés is departing to focus on SoundStorming, a social media platform he founded for musicians.

“After working for such a huge brand that means so much to culture with amazing talented people like Spike Jonze, you’re spoiled,” Bosch told The Drum. “You ask yourself, where am I going after this?

“I think if I really want to push for something different and try to discover what’s going to be next, now is the best time ever, now Apple is at its peak.”

Vergés HomePod ad, which used real-world effects where CGI would usually figure, won several industry awards last year, including one at Cannes Film Festival.

The lead creative’s exit follows Apple’s recent hire of Nick Law, a marketing executive who previously served as chief creative officer at Publicis Groupe.