Ireland probes Apple’s compliance with strict EU privacy rules

Fees Apple charges competitors to appear in the App Store are the target of an EU investigation.
EU law sets strict privacy rules, and it’s the job of an Irish commissioner to be sure Apple is following them.
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Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) is looking into whether Apple is following all the requirements of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law.

The DPC is three investigations going into Apple’s business practices, each covering a different aspect of the legislation. There are far more into how Facebook handles user privacy.

The Irish privacy commissioner is looking into whether Apple is properly allowing its customers to access the information the company has stored about them, according to Reuters. The DPC is also investigating how Apple processes customer information for ad targeting, as well as whether its privacy policy is transparent enough.

Apple takes a strong stance on protecting the privacy of its users, so it’s very unlikely it is deliberately trying to circumvent the GDPR rules.

Plenty of GDPR privacy investigations to go around

Because Apple’s European headquarters is in Ireland, DPC Helen Dixon is tasked with keeping an eye on the company.

The same goes for Facebook; Dixon‘s office has 11 investigations into this social-networking giant and its subsidiaries. She has three GDPR-related probes into Twitter’s business practices.


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