How I dropped Dropbox

Khoi Vinh for Subtraction:

There are so many Dropbox integrations available that the service seems essential, or at least difficult to imagine doing without. Over the years I’ve hooked numerous apps and services into my Dropbox account, which is why I started paying for the professional plan seven years ago. And yet each year, at renewal time, I think a bit more deeply about the question of whether Dropbox is in fact so indispensable… It’s not.

Last month, Dropbox’s unique value was even further diminished for me when Apple announced that folder sharing would soon be coming to iCloud Drive. This replicates fully the most compelling reason I had to stick with Dropbox: the ability to give other users access to my select folders directly in the macOS Finder. That, combined with Dropbox’s recent announcement that it would be increasing the annual cost of my pro plan by US$20 at renewal time, convinced me to finally cancel my subscription.

MacDailyNews Take:

[Dropbox is a] feature, not a product. — Steve Jobs

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