Apple revives Expansion Slot Utility app a decade later in macOS Catalina ahead of new Mac Pro launch

Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro

Apple’s new 2019 Mac Pro

Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac:

At WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled its new modular Mac Pro, slated to be released later this fall. Hidden in the second developer beta of macOS Catalina is the return of the Expansion Slot Utility application, which allows users to manage the PCI expansion options of the Mac Pro.

Expansion Slot Utility was originally available on the early Intel-based Mac Pros, but support for the app was dropped with the 2008 revision. This was because the early 2008 model of the Mac Pro did not have a configurable PCIe setup as all lanes had fixed assignments.

With the all-new Mac Pro, however, Apple is bringing the Expansion Slot Utility application back.

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