The crazy, bold, and daring Apple designs only Jony Ive could dream up

Michael Simon for Macworld:

Less than 10 years after Steve Jobs passed away, Apple is faced with another difficult transition. Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru since the days of the Newton MessagePad, announced that he will be leaving the company as an employee to form an independent design company, of which Apple will be a client.

While he’s not leaving altogether, his departure from Apple Park will leave an indelible mark on the company, not unlike the iPhone, iPad, and iMacs he leaves behind. Here are 10 of Jony Ive’s most daring designs.

• eMate 300
• Twentieth Anniversary Mac
• PowerMac G4 Cube
• iPhone
• iMac G4
• White headphones
• iOS 7
• Unusable mice
• Apple Watch Edition
• Apple Park

MacDailyNews Take: Jony Ive is undeniably one of The Crazy Ones who sees things differently and whom you can’t ignore, because he changes things. He pushes the human race forward. Genius.

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