LoveFrom: The name of Jony Ive’s new company comes from this Steve Jobs quote

Mark Sullivan for Fast Company:

Apple design chief Jony Ive isn’t retiring – not even completely from Apple. He’s starting his own design firm, called LoveFrom, and Apple will be the new firm’s first client.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, okay. Hey, whatever it takes to keep AAPL from melting down irrationally yet again!

Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive

LoveFrom? Sort of an odd name on first hearing, right? Well, there’s a story there. The name comes from this Steve Jobs quote, paraphrased by Ives in a Financial Times piece today.

“There was an employee meeting a number of years ago and Steve [Jobs] was talking… He [said] that one of the fundamental motivations was that when you make something with love and with care, even though you probably will never meet… the people that you’re making it for, and you’ll never shake their hand, by making something with care, you are expressing your gratitude to humanity, to the species.”

“I so identified with that motivation and was moved by his description. So my new company is called ‘LoveFrom.’ It succinctly speaks to why I do what I do.”

MacDailyNews Take: The name is being misreported all over the place as “LoveForm” which is actually a better name for a design firm than the saccharine “LoveFrom,” which sounds like a greeting card company.

Regardless, happy trails, Jony!

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