You’ll get more Spell Energy this weekend in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Be sure to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite this Saturday to get more Spell Energy and Care of Magical Creatures Family XP!

An in-game notification in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite revealed that this weekend players will be able to receive some special bonuses while playing the game! Here’s everything you need to know about this special event.

Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Saturday to reap the rewards!

Players will be awarded more Spell Energy while visiting Inns on Saturday, June 29 and be treated to more Care of Magical Creatures Family XP from Care of Magical Creatures Traces.

The notification said:

“A Task Force Emergency approaches! On Saturday, grab your wand and help the SOS Task Force contain a flare-up of Foundables. For a limited time, Inns will provide extra Spell Energy and Care of Magical Creatures Traces will awards additional Family XP.”

Not exact start or end time for the limited time event was given, nor was any indication if any other bonuses will be award to players for playing this weekend; however, if you’re looking to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Saturday seems like a fantastic time to stock up on Spell Energy. Plus, more Family XP means you can rank up your Care of Magical Creatures level and earn more scrolls and Runestones to use in Wizarding challenges.

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