Apple just got even more serious about killing Intel on Macs

Phillip Tracyfor LAPTOP Magazine:

Apple just made a big move toward ditching Intel and outfitting its laptops with custom chips. Per a Bloomberg report, the Cupertino giant hired a lead engineer from ARM, the company that designs and licenses processors.

In May, Apple reportedly hired Mark Filippo, a lead architect behind the chips that power most of the world’s smartphones and tablets, including the Cortex-A76, which was used in Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 SoC… Bloomberg suspects Filippo will slot into a position left open when Gerard Williams III, the head architect for chips in the iPhone and iPad, left the company. Apple doesn’t use Arm’s chip designs, but it does employ the company’s instruction set, which forms the basis of its internal processors.

The move would let Apple have more control over its laptops while enabling Macs, iPhones and iPads to work more seamlessly together. We’ve seen the power of Apple’s in-house A-series chips in the latest iPads and iPhones. The A12X Bionic chip in the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro blew away the competition in our synthetic benchmark tests and even outpaced many premium laptops outfitted with Core i7 CPUs, including the Dell XPS 13.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the new Apple-powered Macs!

Apple has been, for years, building strength in the enterprise via BYOD and the rise of mobile which Apple ushered in with iPhone and iPad. “Compatibility with Windows” is not nearly as important today as it was even a few years ago… We expect to see Apple begin the ARM-based Mac transition with products like the MacBook and work their way up from there as the apps are brought over to ARM via Xcode and as the rest of the world continues to throw off the Microsoft Windows shackles into which they stupidly climbed so many years ago, lured, wrongly, solely by Windows PC sticker prices.MacDailyNews, June 19, 2019

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