iPad magician breaks new ground with robot assistant

iPad magician Simon Pierro and his new assistant Pepper
iPad magician Simon Pierro bought a Pepper robot and is training it to be his assistant.
Photo courtesy of: Simon Pierro

We’ve seen magician Simon Pierro do things with an iPad that would amaze the smartest of Apple’s engineers.

Now he has the robot Pepper in on the act.

Like all magicians, Pierro will not explain how he reaches into an iPad screen and pulls out three-dimensional objects, including fruit, snakes and magic props, like doves, cards and a line of never-ending scarves. He’s even brought an iPad to an Oktoberfest celebration in his native Germany and tapped it to fill an empty stein with beer.

iPad magician introduces his lovely assistant

Pierro is now passing some of his tricks on to Pepper by way of coding for a new act he is calling Artistic Intelligence

“Is it RobotOS, Artificial Intelligence or simply Magic that is happening here?” Pierro said in an email to Cult of Mac “Decide for yourself.”

Pierro purchased Pepper and obtained permission from the Japanese manufacturer SoftBank Robotics to use him in magic shows.

Softbank Robotics first introduced the social humanoid robot in 2014. It is able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Peppers are currently serving as receptions in some offices in the UK and in banks, restaurants. and health care facilities in Japan.

The robots cost about $1,700 but Peppers are sold on a 36-month service contract that includes a data plan and insurance. That costs $360 per month.

As of May 2018, Forbes magazine reported the number of Pepper robots sold had exceeded 12,000.

Peppers come with a touch-screen mounted to the chest and the so the act requires Pierro to work with a different operating system. Pepper can be controlled with an iPad with an app from the Apple App Store.

But Apple gadgets are still very present in the act as you can see in one of the videos below. Pierro uses a magnet to pull an iPhone out of Peppers’ screen.

Seeing is believing. For more examples of Pierro’s iPad magic, see the stories below the videos.

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