Charging Samsung tablet overheats, burns hole in 11-year-old boy’s bed as he sleeps inches away

Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan for International Business Times:

An 11-year-old boy had a narrow escape after his charging Samsung tablet overheated and burnt a hole in his bed while he slept a few inches away from the device. The incident took place in Staffordshire, England, on Thursday morning.

Callum Hewkin woke up to find his room filled with smoke. He woke up his parents, Amy and Stewart Hewkin, who rushed to the room and noticed the tablet stuck to the bed. The device was minutes away from catching fire and had already burnt a hole in the bed. Firefighters arrived at the scene and told them the incident could have been fatal for the entire family.

“I went into Callum’s room and there was a big burn mark right by where his head had been, and the room was full of white smoke. We have no idea how he didn’t wake up but it goes to show how serious it could have been. I was gobsmacked, I never thought it would happen to us or that something like that even could happen – you don’t expect an iPad or tablet to just start burning like that,” [Stewart] said.

MacDailyNews Take: Not an iPad. A fake iPad. Don’t even use Apple’s registered trademark. You wouldn;t pay for ti, so you don;t get to use it, and besmirch it wby conflating it with the results of your poor decision-making.

If you’d gotten a real iPad with genuine Apple charging bricks and cables, you’d still have a functional bed and the firefighters could’ve kept playing cards that night. But, you were cheap and settled for a pretend iPad from a South Korean dishwasher maker with a penchant for peddling flammable devices. So, unsurprisingly: 🔥

Is your 11-year-old’s life worth that nickel you think you saved by not buying a real iPad?

Every time we see some cheap bastage on our plane schlepping some random piece of haphazardly-assembled Android junk or plastic PC garbage laptop on his way to the cheap seats, we fear for our safety and the safety of everyone else aboard with real iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]

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