Apple Hires ARM Lead CPU Architect Mike Filippo

Apple has hired Lead CPU Architect Mike Filippo away from ARM. Filippo recently confirmed the move on LinkedIn.

According to his profile, Filippo was lead architect of the Zeus, Neoverse N1, Hercules, Hercules-AE, Cortex-A76AE, Cortex-A76, Cortex-A72, and Cortex-A57 CPUs for ARM.

He has been working for Apple in Austin, Texas as an ‘architect’ since May 2019.

The hire is likely to boost speculation that Apple will soon move its Macs from Intel CPUs to custom ARM-based processors. Earlier this year, Intel sources told Axios that they expect Apple to begin its transition to custom ARM-based processors as soon as next year. That timeline was also corroborated by Bloomberg sources.

It’s believed that the transition will begin with a smaller notebook (perhaps the 12-inch MacBook) and then move to other devices in Apple’s lineup.

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Apple Hires ARM Lead CPU Architect Mike Filippo

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