mophie debuts powerstation hub portable battery

mophie has announced the $99.95  powerstation hub portable battery with foldable AC power prongs. It can be used as a wall outlet hub at home or the office, then on-the-go as a portable battery with a 6,100mAh capacity and a Qi-enabled wireless charging surface.

Featuring a hub that requires only one AC plug to charge up to three devices, and a portable battery with USB-C PD and wireless charging capabilities, the powerstation hub offers multiple forms of power. With the mophie powerstation hub, users can charge up to four devices at once from the two USB-A ports (Quick Charge 3.0 15W port, and 5W port), one USB-C PD port (18W input/output), and Qi-enabled wireless surface (5W output). Its foldable AC power prongs allow for both easy recharging and convenient stowage during travel, says Robert Johnson, general manager for mophie.

The 18W fast-charge USB-C PD port charges a device at the fastest speed possible and allows for recharging before taking the powerstation hub on-the-go. Measuring  3.31 inches square by 1.16 inches thick (84mm x 84mm x 29.5mm), the portable design allows the powerstation hub to fit in bags or luggage. And a non-slip boarder around the wireless charging surface keeps devices in place while charging.

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