Matrix-like gadget lets you snap ‘bullet-time’ selfies

bullet time selfie video gadget
Wingo Pro lets you shoot video with the bullet time effect on a budget.
Photo: Wingo Pro

Your vanity for selfies is limited only by your technology. Now it’s time to add 360-degree selfie videos, like the slow-motion variety made famous by the movie The Matrix.

But those scenes from the cult classic required a circular array of more than 100 cameras. A bizarre gadget on Kickstarter will help you get the effect with a single GoPro camera.

The Wingo Pro looks like a boomerang on a string and is the creation of a filmmaker and inventor with a big personality (see the video below) from Odesa, Ukraine.

Wingo Pro is a polycarbonate wing with adjustable weights to accommodate various action cameras, such as the GoPro. Kickstarter backers can get a Wingo Pro for $55.

Set the camera on slow motion and, with an adjustable-length cord that connected to a handle made with rotating bearing, begin swinging the Wingo Pro around you.

bullet time video gadget

Filmmakers call the visual effect bullet time, which gives the impression of the camera being detached from space and time from the subject in its orbit.

The wing folds up for travel and how much you travel could determine how much you use the gadget. It basically gives you one kind of shot, but its use is extended by mixing up your shooting environments, adjusting the angle of the camera and, of course, adding friends to your flow-motion filmmaking.

Wingo Pro already has met its funding goal and will ship by September if the inventor can hit all production schedule targets.

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