Koogeek Environment Monitor Available in Amazon EU Stores

The latest offering from Koogeek – the A1 Environment Monitor – that we reported on a couple of weeks back, has now finally surfaced on some amazon EU stores (Germany, the UK, France and Italy currently), although it’s still listed as currently unavailable in the US Amazon store.

the A1 measures the air in your home, reporting on PM2.5 and PM10, Humidity, temperature, VOCs, in addition to an ambient light sensor, motion sensor and sound sensor. So, with these kinds of specs, it should be a popular item. One odd thing we noticed with the Amazon listing is that the product image is slightly different from the one used on Koogeek’s own site. If you look at the light/motion sensor at the top of the front face, the Amazon image has a series of dots encircling the sensor. This could be for sound detection, or it could be merely decorative. There’s no way to tell at this time, and even which version is the current or official version. Either way, we’ll never know if Koogeek can’t let us buy it.

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