Engadget: iPadOS makes Apple’s tablets feel like a priority again

Dark Mode in iPadOS 13 brings a dramatic look to iPad for an immersive visual experience.

Dark Mode in iPadOS 13 brings a dramatic look to iPad for an immersive visual experience.

Chris Velazco for Engadget:

With iPadOS, Apple is striking a better balance between those two priorities. And now that the company is releasing the software as a public beta, anyone will be able to install iPadOS and check in on the company’s progress. After using a beta build for a few days, I’m already impressed with the changes Apple has made. Some are more subtle than others but all told, this new software refines the iPad experience in some important ways.

In the past, browsing the internet with Safari on an iPad was kind of a crapshoot: Sometimes you’d get the full desktop version of a site, and the pared-down mobile view from another. Sure, you could force Safari to serve you the desktop version, but that extra step shouldn’t ever have been necessary. Now it’s not.

Every website I’ve tried on an iPad Pro and iPad mini running the new software correctly loaded as the full-fat desktop version. More importantly, web apps that Safari has previously struggled run perfectly in iPadOS, even on smaller devices like the mini… At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, this is a big deal. Issues with web compatibility have made it hard for me (and for other people, I’m sure) to embrace iPads are full-fledged work machines. With those restrictions lifted in iPadOS, the idea of using an iPad as your sole computer isn’t nearly as far-fetched as it used to be.

MacDailyNews Take: Millions of people are going to realize that the iPad is the perfect computer for them now, thanks to lucky iOS 13. Even in beta, you can see how much more useful and capable iPad’s unmatched, powerful hardware can be when couple with an OS that gets out of your way and lets you get work done!

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